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Autumn/Winter 2019 Colour Schemes

Mylands Autumn/Winter colour inspiration

Messel No.39Greenstone No.190Brompton Road No.205Floral Street No.147 and Empire Grey No.171

Searching for some seasonal style inspiration? Or are you looking to update your interior with a touch of the latest colour trend? Look no further! Here’s our round-up of this season’s key colours, selected by our resident colour experts.

From soft and clean neutrals to luscious dark green and rich red shades, the colours of autumn/winter 2019 reflect the season. Use one or more colours in subtle or statement form to create striking colour schemes that showcase the latest looks, this season and beyond. Happy decorating!


From vivid kale to emerald, olive and forest green, green hues work wonderfully with earthy brown, russet and orange tones. Green also pairs beautifully with indigo purple and blue shades, or grey for a stylish contemporary feel. 



Rich red wine tones look divine in an earthy rustic palette, as do terracotta shades which combine beautifully with warm pinks and mustard yellows for a truly Tuscan feel. Red has a welcoming warmth and cosiness - use it throughout a space to achieve a dramatic, enveloping feel or more sparingly as an accent colour or teamed with white or weathered greys for a softer style. 



Neutral colour choices for autumn/winter 2017 range from the clarity of pure white to a soft mix of beige and grey; warm brown tones bring cooler greys to life. Key to this look is layering – keep shades off-white for an understated elegance that can be used anywhere in the home. 


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