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Period colours that are truly authentic.

Mylands Paint being colour checked at our factoryOver the 130 years of our history, we have built up an unrivalled catalogue of samples and fragments of historic paints, wallpapers, distempers and plasters, giving us unique access to a vast collection of authentic period colours to bring out the best in any property, no matter what the era.

Tried and tested techniques have been passed down through the years, making our master colourmen the best in the business. While we make use of every innovation that the industry has developed, we find that a digital colour match cannot compete with the craftsman’s touch, and we still carry out much of our final colour matching by eye.

Mylands offers the very best in modern production techniques without losing the very special, time-honoured skills that deliver the depth and richness which can only be produced with skillfully blended period colours.

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