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Garden Room Inspiration

Garden rooms and conservatories are a joy to decorate as they are light-flooded with open aspects and beautiful views. Colour options are almost endless, but as these rooms connect outdoor and indoor spaces, it’s worth considering this when deciding on a colour palette.

Bring the outdoors in with sympathetic colours and decor; a palette of green or earthy, rustic colours helps to link your interior and exterior or try using one colour from your interior space outdoors on a wall, furniture or potting shed.


Garden Room Inspiration

Doors painted in Museum No. 151 Wood & Metal Eggshell

Garden Room Inspiration

Wall in Charterhouse No.4 Exterior Masonry & Woodwork in Whitehall No 9 Water Based Eggshell


No. 151

Exterior Cladding & Inside: Mint Street. Ex.Window frames: Beauavis. Furniture: Museum & Hurlingham.


No. 238

Exterior Cladding & Floor: Bond Street. Ex.Window frames: Sloane Square. Inside: Mid Wedgewood. Furniture: Sinner.

Natural Blend

Exterior Cladding: Portcullis. Ex.Window frames: Artillery Ground. Inside: Honest John. Furniture: Egyptian Grey & Greenstone No7.

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