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Inspiration by Colour


Powerful and energetic, red is a joy to decorate with. A rich, bold red can transform even the most modest room.

Dining rooms and kitchens look fabulous in red, especially under the slivery tones of candlelight.

Balance the drama of red with a soft neutral shade in complementary colours, fabrics, furnishings or accessories.

Alternatively, add a pop of colour by painting a feature wall red, perfect for creating a focal point in a room or defining a space.

Outside, red makes a stylish entrance on any front door with its classic, regal feel. Use in Mylands Gloss finish for a high-shine traditional look.

Try Arts Club No.281, Indian Lake No.288 or Theatre Land No. 282 in a cloakroom or entrance hall for instant impact.


Blue has a calming feel and in its paler form, is a popular colour choice for bedrooms.

Aquatic green blues are an obvious choice for bathrooms and kitchens, creating a fresh, uplifting feel.

Teal and turquoise shades offer a contemporary touch wherever they’re used – bolder shades work well in studies and home offices or make a stylist statement in living rooms.

For a classic combination that never fails to impress, pair royal blue with crisp white.

Try Lambeth Walk No.210, Beaufort Gardens No.212 or Bridge Blue No.222 for a stronger shade.

Layer tonal variations for a more interesting scheme - combining paler shades with deep inky blues such as Eaton Square No.232 and Maritime No.236 introduces depth and a touch of drama to a scheme.


Yellow gives a light, bright feel and is often used in living rooms or kitchens for a warm, welcome.

Vibrant and versatile, yellow can be used almost anywhere in the home. Creamy neutral and yellow colours work wonderfully in North facing rooms where light is more restricted, as they help to bounce light around and create a spacious feel. Try to avoid yellows with a green base in these situations, as they can appear darker and greener in the cooler Northern light.

Rooms with a sunny aspect painted in yellow take on a gorgeous glow, with a charming changeable appearance throughout the day.

Yellow can be soft and subdued and is often selected for children’s nurseries. Blue or white are natural partners, but it can also be contrasted with green or purple for a more lively, nostalgic look.


Green has a tranquil, relaxing feel, derived from its synonymous association with nature and the environment. It can soothe and enliven, making it a popular choice around the home, both indoors and out.

With similar qualities to blue, green makes a popular choice in bathrooms and bedrooms but can also be used to striking effect in hallways, landings and garden rooms or conservatories.

Paler shades such as Hurlingham No.181 and Mint Street No.95 make a room feel fresh with a summery vibe, while darker shades like Brompton Road No.205 and Myrtle Green No.168 add intimacy to a space.


Neutrals are enduringly popular because they are stylish, versatile and easy to live with. Available in many forms – grey-based, red-based, yellow-based and more – Mylands features over 30 neutrals in its Colours of London palette. Classic or contemporary, pared-back or elegant, subtle or bold, whatever the look, there’s a neutral colour to suit.

Broadly categorised into warm or cool, ‘neutral’ covers everything from beige to brown. Just like other colours, warm neutrals advance towards you and strong colours recede, so neutrals can be used cleverly to create a feeling of space or intimacy.

Neutrals can be combined together in a scheme for a sophisticated feel – use no more than 3 or 4 in the same space. Add interest with textures such as wood, jute or sisal on flooring softened with natural fabrics such as linen or leather.


Grey has become the neutral of choice in recent years, with the Scandinavian and industrial look pioneering its popularity. Clean and versatile, grey can be contemporary with white, edgy with bright accents or classic with a layered tonal scheme.

Choose a lighter grey colour such as Sloane Square No.92 or Mid Wedgwood No.113 for a crisp and airy feel or a darker shade like Archway House No.106 or Leadenhall No.118 for a sultry cosy scheme. Deep charcoal greys are wonderfully dramatic and ideal to transform a cloakroom or dining room with drama and delight while smoky greys have a soothing quality; use in a bedroom full of natural light for a relaxing retreat.

Casual, smart, sophisticated or pretty, grey gives an effortless look with endless opportunities. Lighter, softer shades have a more feminine feel while darker, heavier shades have a stronger, more masculine effect. Pair several shades of grey together to achieve a more complex, decorated effect or team grey with purple for a sumptuous luxe look.

Grey can be used as an elegant neutral or a backdrop to almost any colour, adding richness and depth to subtle hues and making bold, bright tones pop. Use grey virtually anywhere in the home – in bathrooms, grey looks fabulous with white sanitary ware and chrome accessories or in the kitchen, it’s the perfect partner to stainless steel appliances.


Bold colours have real presence, transforming a room and making a statement wherever they’re used. From rich velvety reds like Theatre Land No.282 to deep marine blues and forest greens (try Maritime No.236 and Brompton Road No.205) there are a host of shades to choose from, whether using on one wall as an accent or in a whole room.

Strong colours create drama and intimacy; they can be welcoming, cosy and comfortable too. Deep silvery-toned or jewel-like shades work wonderfully in dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or small rooms creating a magical cocooning effect. White accentuates dark walls, so contrast deep colours with bright white woodwork and accessories for a crisp finish that intensifies the impact of the colour.

If you’re looking to use dark colours sparingly, try painting window or door frames in a strong shade contrasted by lighter walls. Bold colours will frame the view, especially effective in garden rooms or kitchens where you can bring the outdoors in.

Strong colours advance towards you and can be used to great effect to change the shape of a room. Paint the end wall of a long thin room in a dark colour to square the room, or paint an oddly shaped wall in an attic room in a beautiful bold shade to make it into something really special. A deep dark shade with pops of bright colour looks modern and edgy while a strong wall colour dressed with dark wood furniture gives a traditional finish.

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