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Kitchen Inspiration

The true heart of the home, kitchens are versatile and busy spaces for cooking, eating and socialising. Grand and open-plan or cozy and compact, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes with multiple design elements to consider. Use colour to create a cohesive look with units, tiles, and flooring or contrast colour to add interest or make a striking focal point.

Colour Your Kitchen with Mylands paints

Perfectly suited to busy kitchens, Mylands paints are both pretty and practical and the ideal choice for the heart of your home.

Kitchen Inspiration

Walls painted in Pure White No.1 Marble Matt Emulsion

Kitchen Inspiration

Walls & wood painted in Empire Grey No. 171 Marble Matt Emulsion and woodwork Pure White No.1 Metal Eggshell.

Update your kitchen with these simple yet striking decorating ideas:


For an instant update give kitchen cupboards a fresh coat of paint.

Take inspiration from Smallbone of Devizes who have used Sloane Square No.92 on the external wall cabinets and Archway House No.106 on the external base cabinets.

Smallbone of Devizes with Mylands Paints

Other colour schemes:

Neutral colours try Honest John No.58, Sloane Square No.92 or Egyptian Grey No.154.

Pale blue-greys such as Hawkesmoor No.112 or Mid Wedgewood No.113 and soft sage green colours such as Museum No.151, Myrtle Green No.168 and Greenstone No.7 suit most styles of kitchen, especially the classic country or farmhouse look.

Alternatively, opt for a bold or bright colour for a more contemporary feel. It’s a good idea to consider any other dominating colours in the room - such as worktops, tiles and flooring – before selecting your colour to ensure you achieve a harmonious look.

Here Middleton Bespoke have used Bond Street No.219.

Middleton Bespoke with Mylands Paints

Use Bond Street No.219 with:


Try Bond Street No.219 with Alderman No.60 and Charterhouse No.4.

No. 20

Or if that's too dark but you'd still like colour try Maritime No.236, Islington No.23 and Elgin No.20


Paint floating shelves and use to display accessories or to house frequently used items, especially effective if you’re short of space! Shelves make a statement with carefully curated ceramic or crockery and thoughtfully arranged pieces of objects d’art. Alternatively, paint the inside back wall of a shelving unit or dresser for added depth and interest.

No. 237

A sultry dark colour such as Oratory No.237 or Maritime No.236 provides a stylish backdrop to glassware or a deep blood red like Theatre Land No.282 or bold blue (Mayfair Dark No.218) is the perfect showcase for a collection of white china.


Add energy underfoot or ground a colourful scheme with a painted floor. Suitably stylish, painted floors provide a practical flooring alternative and can be plain coloured or patterned with painted chequered, chevron, diamond, stripes or alternative design. Available in all colours, Mylands floor paint has an elegant mid-sheen finish which is extremely durable and easy to maintain for longstanding beautiful results.


Create a focal point by painting one wall or an alcove in a stand-out accent colour.

Empire Grey No.171, Eaton Square No.232, Eccleston Pink No.248, Beauvais No.195 or Egyptian Red No.294. Remember to consider the effect that colour has on the shape of a room when planning an accent wall; warm colours will advance whereas cool colours recede. Look also for any obvious features that require special treatment, such as dramatic architectural features like a fireplace or a centrepiece such as an Aga to help dictate which wall you choose.

Paint furniture

Tired, unloved or bare wooden and metal furniture can be give a new lease of life with Mylands Matt, Eggshell or Gloss paints. Painted furniture is a great way to add small accents of colour or create eye-catching statement pieces. Introduce bright colours on furniture in a neutral scheme for a modern feel or pair contemporary colours with classic furniture for an edgy look. Paint a table, chair, bench, stool, butcher block, dresser or other furniture item for an easy kitchen update that can be changed whenever you like!

Middleton Bespoke with Mylands Paints painted furniture

Here Middleton Bespoke have used Alderman No.60 for the table and Charterhouse No.4 on the pantry cupboard.


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