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Living Room Inspiration

Often the most utilised room in the home, the living room is a sanctuary to relax and unwind with a host of uses. Whatever the space, maximise comfort without compromising on style with a beautiful colour scheme complemented by fabrics, furnishings and accessories to suit your needs.

Living Room Inspiration

Walls painted in Pure White No.1 Marble Matt Emulsion

Living Room Inspiration

Walls painted in Empire Grey No. 171 Marble Matt Emulsion, woodwork in Pure White No.1 Wood & Metal Eggshell, cornice and ceiling in Pure White No.1 Marble Matt Emulsion


Walls: Flanders Grey. Feature: Portcullis. Woodwork, Cornice & Ceiling: St Martins.


Walls: Belgravia. Woodwork, Cornice & Ceiling: Pure White.


No. 237

Woodwork & Cornice: Sloane Square. Walls: Oratory. Ceiling: Pure White.


Woodwork: Archway House. Walls: Temple Bar. Cornice: Chambers Gate. Ceiling: London Wall.

Living Room inspiration. Love interiors painted in Mylands paints
Interior Design by Love Interiors. Walls and skirting painted in Archway House No.106. Photography by Rachel Smith.

Go Bold

Create a dramatic but welcoming space using our section of greys or rich reds.

Love interiors with Mylands Paints

 Interior Design by Love Interiors. Photography by Rachel Smith. Walls painted in Leadenhall No.118.
Living Room inspiration. Interior Design By Gail Race painted in Mylands paints
Walls painted in Rothschild Street No.296 and Onslow No.48. Interior Design by Gail Race. Photography by Eugenio Vasdeki.
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