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Mylands Film, Television and Theatre Collection

Mylands Film, Television and Theatre Collection

Into the Limelight

The colourful worlds of Beauty and The Beast, Westeros and Hogwarts don’t have to remain on the big screen…

Mylands launch a new anthology of colour in celebration of their long-standing work with British film, television and theatre. The special palette of twenty archive colours includes four metallic hues developed for the sector, which have been skilfully reformulated for the very first time, for use in the home. The whole collection will be available from April 2017.

Established in 1884, Mylands is Britain’s oldest family owned and run paint and polishes manufacturer and grew up with the British film industry and this collection of paints is the product of more than a century’s close collaboration with some of the greatest movie, TV and theatre productions of all time.

Their attention to detail continues to make Mylands the first choice for epic productions such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Downton Abbey and James Bond and their experience supplying paints of the highest quality to the most discerning of customers makes provenance and pedigree of their products second to none.

 “Our paints have been capturing the essence of the British arts from the end of the 19th century right up to the present day,” said Managing Director Dominic Myland. “Mylands literally grew up with the British film industry and this range of paints is the product of more than a century’s close collaboration with some of the greatest movie, TV and theatre productions of all time”.

The new palette draws on decades of experience and craftsmanship combined with the very best raw ingredients to create high quality, durable and versatile paints for people to enjoy at home for the very first time.




Mylands unique range of products delivers depth of colour and a richness of coverage which is unrivalled throughout the industry – creating period and contemporary colours that are both truly authentic and tough enough to withstand everything the modern world can throw at them.

The new Film, Television and Theatre Palette, is available in Marble Matt, a technically advanced dead flat washable emulsion for interior walls and ceilings, and Wood & Metal in matt, eggshell and gloss for interior and exterior use. Metallic hues are available in acrylic only. Made to order and available only on the Mylands website and through their factory shop.

Main Images: Top: Panel painted in FTT-018, Bottom Left: Wall painted in FTT-013, Vases FTT-001, FTT-003, FTT-002 and FTT-004, Middle Image: Wall painted in FTT020, Floor painted in FTT-015, Last image: Wall and Floor painted in FTT-006.

We recommend you always test colours in situ as colours can change according to their surroundings.

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