With nearly 30 different shades of this popular hue available at Mylands, you can make choices from Pure White to Belgravia, Cotton Street to Maugham White. These beautiful shades add a charming freshness to any home; expertly blended with the highest quality ingredients and exquisitely rich finishes, it really is no surprise that white walls remain the most attractive choice for all residential and commercial spaces.

 Mylands - The Best White Paint

Why is painting your home white such a popular option?


1.     A Blank Canvas – The perfect way to give you creative licence to furnish your room in any way you wish. From varied shapes and colours of your furniture to feature walls and accent tones. The most creative among us add impact and drama to their office and home spaces often start with a white canvas.

2.     Start from the outside and work your way in – Exterior paints in white is a wonderful way to make your home pop and standout on your street, while also adding significant value to your home.

3.     Maintenance – Maintaining white painted rooms is an absolute doddle. From simple touch ups to refreshing the walls with a slightly different tone, either way it really is no hardship.

4.     Magic – White paint is a great way to give the illusion of more space. Small rooms benefit tremendously with a neutral white wall. It makes any room look bigger, feel more airy and instantly more inviting.

5.     Fashionable – White paint is the decorators equivalent of the little black dress. Allows you to be creative with accessories, makes an impact, effortlessly chic and never goes out of style.


With an abundance of options available, our white paints are suitable around the whole house. Starker shades of white and cooling white with hints of blue for rooms such as bedrooms are always a good choice; invigorating and fresh these shades of white might just be the thing to get you out of bed and productive in the morning.


Alluring whites with a grey tone might be more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens giving you a neutral contrast with your white goods and other fixed appliances and essentials.

Warming white with yellow echoes in the finish can make your hallway and living room bright and airy.


Though whatever your choice, our advice on choosing the right hue for your space is to try out as many shades of white as you can. Depending on the size of the room, the exposed natural lighting and purpose of the room the shade you decide on might very much depend on how suitable it is for the space and how the space is being used.