Sargent: Watercolours Dulwich Picture Gallery

Credit: John Singer Sargent, A Turkish Woman by a Stream, c. 1907, watercolour on paper, over preliminary pencil, with touches of body colour, 35.9 x 50.8 cm, Victoria and Albert Museum. Bequeathed by Miss Dorothy Barnard. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Use light and colour to create your own masterpiece at home.

We’ve taken inspiration from John Singer Sargent’s watercolour paintings to create pastel paint palettes and decorating ideas perfect for adding a summer aesthetic to your interior – for a light and airy feel, year round. 



Sargent’s watercolours dazzle with light and colour – recreate the look at home with a fresh and airy palette of soft muted shades and powdery pastel tones.

Choose from pretty pastels such as Floris, Mint Street, Lemon Salts and Lots Road. Stalwarts of spring and summer, pastel shades enhance light while adding colour and cheer – pair with white for a crisp, fresh feel or combine contrasting shades in similar tones for a touch of contemporary chic. 

For subtle colour with a sophisticated feel, layer harmonious neutrals to add depth and interest. Blend with pastel shades for a delicate touch – or a stronger shade to make a statement.

Soft and pretty or playful and punchy, powdery pastel hues of blue, yellow, purple and pink work wonderfully throughout the home in living areas, bedrooms, children’s rooms, nurseries and more. Restful, romantic, lively or old fashioned, pastel colours can be used tonally, mixed up or accented to create stylish, sophisticated and soothing schemes. Use one or more colours for a fresh palette with colour blocking, tonal layering and decorative patterns all perfectly suited – think candy stripes, pops of colour and subtle accents for joyful combinations with a springtime feel.

Mylands’ colour experts have taken inspiration from Sargent’s enchanting watercolours and curated a special selection of colour schemes in the artist’s signature pastel palette. Use light and colour to create your own masterpiece at home with Mylands paints.