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At Home With... Jade Maria


 Mylands catches up with London based interior designer Jade Maria.


 1. Home is ...


A place that is the best representation of you and your personality. A place where you love to be! It's somewhere you can immediately switch off, feel at peace and where the weight of the world is lifted from your shoulders. You should be surrounded by your favourite things, colours and pieces.


2. What has been your favourite project to date?


So far my favourite project is one I'm currently working on in Essex, which includes a big open plan extension. I have a lot of freedom to design this one because my client and I are so on the same level when it comes to our preferences. This means there are no restrictions, which is every designer’s dream! I am able to use all my favourite colours, textures and materials to create what is going to be a truly beautiful project.


3. If you were to choose two of your favourite treasures what would these be?


My limited edition Jonathan Adler unicorn that I managed to buy from the 2LG's yard sale last year. The second is my antique bed frame which I vow to never get rid of, no matter how many times it needs repainting!


4. You recently exhibited at Grand Designs Live – what was the qualifying process to show at this exhibition?

 Designers who wanted to apply had to submit a moodboard of an overall scheme for a room of their choice which was based on the brief. The top five moodboards were then selected.


Jade Maria

5. What was the brief for the Grand Designs Live showroom?


The brief was 'Design by You', which meant it had to be a true reflection of the designer, showing their personality and design preferences. It also had to include multi-functional use in some way. My design showed how a small space could still work as a living/socialising and workspace all at once.

Jade Maria


 6. What was the colour palette you used and why?


I used my favourite colour of the moment – Mylands No. 151 Museum – mixed with other pastels and then punches of pink. It was important to me that the colour palette was calm and encouraged a sense of relaxation and mindfulness, making it a space where you could really switch off from the world.



Jade Maria




Jade Maria



7. What’s your favourite room to work your magic in?


I don't actually have a favourite – I love to design for every room in the home as you can get creative in a number of ways. But right now I would say I'm really enjoying kitchen designs.


8. If you could live in any building, what would it be?


My life goal is to convert and renovate either a church or a warehouse into a home. Huge windows, amazing periodic features, lots of natural light and open plan space filled with amazing pieces of furniture.


9. What and/or who are your design inspirations?


My top two are India Mahdavi and Dimore Studio. Their use of colour, shape and texture is insanely perfect and their designs are recognisable, daring and beautiful. 


Jade Maria


10.  Do you have any golden rules when you are designing a space?


You have to dig deep and be attentive to everything about your client in order to create the perfect space that connects with them on all levels. If designing for yourself do not be afraid to go for it and choose designs that you genuinely love, not what the magazines are telling you is the 'trend' of the month. Biggest rule: Do NOT follow a trend.


Additionally, for me, it is vital to create a home that flows with rooms that lead from one to the next seamlessly. This doesn't mean that every room should be the same colour, but elements that tie each room together will make a home feel so much more serene, whilst also bringing the entire space together.



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