Colour inspiration and decorating ideas to embrace those January blues.

Mylands colourists have created four beautiful schemes showcasing a selection of Mylands blue paints. From cool shades to warm hues, there’s a host of blue colours in the Mylands palette, each calming, stylish and effortlessly versatile.

Dining Room


CEILING: Bridge Blue No.222, A deeper version of our popular Lambeth Walk No.210. Using a warm blue on the ceiling makes for a more interesting space. WALLS: Blueprint No.50, Striking black, or is it purple or blue? This opulent rich wall colour is a great backdrop for artwork and mirrors. WOODWORK: Lambeth Walk No.210, Blue with a subtle grey base. This soft blue grey complements the ceiling colour, giving a cohesive look. ACCENT: Mayfair Dark No.218, A deep dusky blue. Lighter than the wall colour, this sumptuous rich blue will give a layered indigo look.

Children's Bedroom


CEILING: Morning Blue No.32, A versatile clean mid-blue; team with Walpole No.42 for a complementary white. A great sky colour for the ceiling! WALLS: Boathouse No.33, This vibrant blue is a natural partner for Morning Blue No.32 or Observatory No34. Ideal as a striking backdrop to wall art and accessories. WOODWORK: Observatory No.34, A beautiful bold intense blue. A contemporary splash of colour. ACCENT: Walpole No.42, A clean blue white, perfect for use with blues and greys for a crisp look. Paint furniture for a softer alternative to pure white – pretty and practical.



CEILING: Greenwich Time No.8, This clean blue has a hint of green-based white, making it the perfect partner to greys, lavenders and blues. Great for a sunny kitchen; subtly tinted to maximise space and enhance the wall colour. WALLS: Mews Blue No.98, This soft grey blue is pretty and classic. Wonderfully versatile and works well in most light. WOODWORK: Long Acre No.102, smokey blue green. Kitchen units will look stylish and smart in this soft colour, especially if the room is garden facing allowing the paint to take on some of the green tones. ACCENT: Notting Hill No.213, A bright, sunny blue. Adds a playful vibe to a classic space – paint a table and chairs in a family kitchen for a striking statement.

Reception Room


CEILING: Hawkesmoor No.112, A beautiful smokey blue grey. Creates wonderful atmosphere with the dramatic walls. WALLS: Bond Street No.219, A rich blue-based black. The perfect foil for fabrics, furnishings and accessories. WOODWORK: Maritime No.236, A rich indigo blue. This deep, bold blue will transform skirting, dado and doors. ACCENT: Eaton Square 232, This vibrant blue has a touch of green. A fabulous accent colour, ideal for bringing ornate or decorative furniture to life.