Cbeebies – do you know?

Mylands opened their factory doors to the Cbeebies film crew to create an episode as part of their ‘do you know?’ series.


Mylands have worked over 134 years and 4 generations to perfect our formula that gives our paints unrivalled:

durability, coverage, high opacity and great depth of colour. 





 Here's how it's made....

They start off by weighing out the powder and adding extenders. Powder additives are added to thicken the paint.

Then water and defoamers are added to prevent bubbles forming. This is followed by preservatives.

Then a disperser mixer is used to grind he powders and water together at high speed.






The paint is then tested to make sure there is no bumps. Then a resin is added to bind all the powders and additives together to thicken the paint.






The paint is then colour matched and sent to quality control where they use viscometers to regulate the viscosity of the paint. They also carry out tests like alkalinity for pH, specific gravity (weight per litre) and opacity for making sure it reaches the quality standards.





 Once the paint is approved by the laboratory it is dispensed into the tins ready for distribution.






The episode airs on the Cbeebies channel on Thursday the 12th of April at 4.30pm.