Guest Bedroom

Often the smallest room, perhaps something warm and cosy will welcome them in during the winter season. If you are decorating choose these warm colours Covent Garden Floral No.270, Fitzrovia No.26, and Charterhouse No.4 and accessorize with patterns in similar and contrasting tones. Try Fermoie's 4.5inch gathered Bedwyn, Red Rabanna lampshade and patterned cushions for the bed. 

Or if you prefer a more light and tranquil look try Smithfield No.19,  Elgin No.20 and Cotton Street No.3.

 Get Guest Ready for Christmas Mylands


 1. 4.5 Inch Gathered Bedwyn, Red Rabanna lampshade. 2. Small Square Cushion in Neutral Chiltern Linen. 3. 4.5 Inch Gathered Bedwyn, Yellow Wicker.  4. Small Square Self Piped Cushion in Yellow Calimanco 003. 5. 12 inch laminated Lacock Drum Lampshade, Silver Something Linen. 6. Large Square Cushion in Red Rabanna. All from Fermoie


Go Green

Get Guest Ready for Christmas Mylands

FTT-013 on the walls, Left to right on the vases: FTT-001, FTT-003, FTT-002 and FTT-004.

Get on trend using greens and pinks throughout your home. Add touches of brass and gold to give that sophisticated festive look. Try FTT-013, or Brompton Road No.205 with Egyptian Grey No.154 and Cotton Street No.3. Or FTT-005, Rose Theatre No.249 and Holbein Chamber No.7.


Dining Room

A quick fix to bring glamour to your dining room is to paint old frames or furniture with our Acrylic Metallics from our Film, Television and Theatre Collection:

Paired with metallic accessories from Tom Dixon and Georg Jensen you will be sure to wow your guests for the festive season.

Get Guest Ready for Christmas Mylands1. Form Bowl Large Set by Tom Dixon. 2. Ilse Small Brass Bowl by Georg Jenson. 3. Ilse Candleholder Brass by Gerog Jenson 4. Tank Lantern by Tom Dixon. All from Heals: