Blackberry Hues Mylands

First Image: Walls: Plum Tree No.283. Second Image: Walls: Arts Club No.281

Spice up your interiors with sumptuous rich plum shades, try Huguenot No.49Plum Tree No.283 or Rothschild Street No.296. Warm with immersive depth, these striking colours are unashamedly elegant. Add crisp white and silver accents to bring your scheme to life or pair with olive green, mustard yellow or copper for a more daring, evocative palette. Accessorise with luxurious fabric such as plush velvet for a sensual soft scheme – perfect for a boudoir feel or a welcoming, cosy snug.

Pair Huguenot No.49 with:


Pair Plum Tree No.283 with:


Pair Rothschild Street No.296 with:


Blackberry Hues Mylands

First Image: Walls, Skirting and Floor Plum Tree No.283. Second Image: Higgins Coffee painted in Mylands Blackout No. 41