We're delighted to have interior stylist Katie Sellers to take over our blog and discuss her thoughts on how to make the best first impression.

Photo taken by Katie Sellers, Lisbon.

Photo taken by Katie Sellers in Lisbon.

October is the month where we bid farewell to Summer and turn our attentions to cosy Knitwear and Autumnal coats, we get to grips with a new term and London hosts many inspiring design events to showcase the latest trends for the season ahead. First impressions do count so now’s the ideal time to take a look at your front door and update the entrance to your home with one of the key colours from Mylands 2017/18 season.

Creative Take over Mylands Blog Katie Sellers

Photos selection by Katie Sellers/sourced on Instagram.

There are countless social media channels devoted to scouring the world for the most beautiful doors, fuelling our intrigue as to what lies beyond the front door step. The fascination with sun faded facades and peeling paint whilst on holiday is an Instagrammers delight but back home the textural splendour doesn’t translate quite so well. So where should you begin?


Green is an inescapable trend in interiors right now but why not start with your exterior and opt for my favourite; an intense bluesy-green shade such as Borough Market No.38 to make a strong yet refined statement.

Creative Take over Mylands Blog Katie Sellers




Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave and want to get your neighbours murmuring, the vibrant FTT-011 would ensure that no-one would ever miss finding your house and friends will cross your threshold with a cheerful look on their face!

Begin by selecting a range of tones and simply tape some painted samples onto your door, stand back and see which one your eye repeatedly gravitates towards. Group your selection into different arrangements, chances are you will naturally vere towards a particular shade each time.

Found out in my next post on things that you need to consider and why red is a great out door colour.


Katie Sellers is a interior stylist, consultant and lecturer. View Katie's work here.