Love interiors with Mylands Paints

Interior Design by Love Interiors. Photography by Rachel Smith. Walls painted in Drury Lane No.115

Don't be afraid of the dark

Sumptuously rich, deep inky blue and black shades add depth and interest wherever they’re used. Introduce underfoot for a grounded feel, on furniture, in small doses or throughout for something really striking and special. 

Inky Blues


Going Grey


Dark and Dramatic Inky Blues Featuring Cast Iron Bath Company

1st image: Bathroom by The Cast Iron Bath Company, wall painted in Blueprint No.50.  Panneling Maritime No. 236, Floor in Mayfair Dark No.218. Second Image: Walls and Skirting painted in Maritime No.236, floor painted in Sinner No. 238.

Rich Reds and Statement Purples


Botanical Living


Dark and Dramatic with Messel and Huguenot

1st image: Wall: Messel No.39, Skirting: Artillery ground No.164, Floor: Downing Street No.10. 2nd Image: Wall: Huguenot No.49, Skirting and Floor: Blackout No.41.