World of Interiors 'Table Talk' Mylands paint

World of Interiors October 2016  Issue. Article 'Table Talk' Interior Stylist Max Egger. Backdrop Mortlake Red No.290 and Bespoke Colour Match for World of Interiors. 

We interviewed Max Egger, Interior Stylist for World of Interiors, about his recent shoot ‘Table Talk’ featuring Mylands paints.

Q: When did you decide you wanted a career as a stylist?

A: The first time I stepped into the World of Interiors office, it was like fitting a jigsaw piece into a puzzle

Q: What makes The World of Interiors so special?

A: It’s independence.

Q: Tells us about your October issue shoot?

A: It’s a Shortlist story featuring tables for, or that could be used in a Kitchen. The set has been painted to resemble a gingham tablecloth. I wanted something bright and with a sense of movement, to help balance the dense nature of something as solid as a table.

Q: Do you have a design/interior design hero?

A: John Fowler (of Colefax and Fowler)

Q: Creating innovative and inspirational features every month must be challenging for the team, tell us about your creative process?

A: I want to style in a way that enhances and compliments the focus of the feature. Mostly the idea grows quite organically from an initial thought, other times it just pops fully formed into my head. I always start by considering the qualities and/or uses of whatever I am featuring. Museums galleries, books and Google, are great sources of inspiration.   

Q: Colour is key in your work; do you have any favorite paint colours?

A: Mortlake Red – I want to paint my whole house in it. 

Q: How would you describe your own style?

A:. Hmmm, striped fabric and plates on the wall. 

Q: Any simple tips for creating a welcoming space?

A: Easy. Buy what you like, if a space represents you, it will feel welcoming. And always have tea or gin at the ready, time dependent.

Q: What are your colour predictions for winter 2016?

A: I’d really like to see mustard yellow have it’s moment.

Q: And 2017?

A: Grass green!

To see more of Max Egger’s creative work read the October issue of World of Interiors.