The true heart of the home, kitchens are versatile and busy spaces for cooking, eating and socialising. Grand, open-plan, cosy or compact, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Use colour to create a cohesive look or contrast to add interest or make a striking focal point.

With super hardwearing Marble Matt Emulsion for walls and durable wood and metal finishes in a choice of Matt, Eggshell and Gloss, Mylands paints are ideal for busy kitchens.

Get creative with colour in the kitchen with the help of Mylands expert colourists inspirational decorating schemes which are tried and tested – and guaranteed to cook up a storm! 

Inspiration Idea 1

CEILING: Syon Park No.13, WALLS: Burlington Aracde No.216, WOOD WORK: Borough market No.38, ACCENT: Notting Hill No.213


Inspiration Idea 2

CEILING: Elgin No.20, WALLS: Archway House No.106, WOOD WORK: Leadenhall No.118, ACCENT: Hoxton Grey No.72


Inspiration Idea 3

CEILING: Charterhouse No.4, WALLS: St Martins No.37, WOOD WORK: Alderman No.60, ACCENT: London Plane No.200


Inspiration Idea 4

CEILING: Cotton Street No.3, WALLS: The Boltons No.28, WOOD WORK: Crace No.16, ACCENT: Blueprint No.50


Inspiration Idea 5

CEILING: Walpole No.42, WALLS: Lambeth Walk No.210, WOOD WORK: Bedford Square No.229, ACCENT: Oratory No.237


Inspiration 6

CEILING: Holbein Chamber No.7, WALLS: Smithfield No.19, WOOD WORK: Blackout No.41, ACCENT: Bloomsbury No. 267