Pure and Simple


Fresh, light and airy, white is a decorator’s dream. Simple yet stylish, it is effortlessly versatile, easy-on-the-eye and a joy to live with.

Mylands Colours of London palette offers over 18 shades of white, each available in a host of paint finishes for decorating indoors and out. From the brilliant Pure White No.1 with a crisp feel to warm stony neutrals like Clerkenwell No. 21 and cool greys such as Sloane Square No 92 , there’s a myriad of choice with Mylands.


Make a statement......

...with a stand-alone white scheme, use it as a feature colour or layer white with tonal neutrals to create depth and interest in a room.

 Make a statement


Decorating Ideas

White is the perfect foundation for colourful accents that can be updated easily and as often as you wish. Changing fabrics and accessories such as a cushion, art or a rug is a wonderful way to add warmth or reflect a mood or season. 

Layer whites: team several shades together to create a more ‘decorated’ feel. Be sure to use tonal shades that work in harmony for added warmth and interest.

Strong white schemes give a contemporary feel whereas creamy, softer whites create a more classic look. Consider a ‘lived in’ look for a more practical approach to family living.

Use white to highlight decorative mouldings, architectural features and other details in a scheme. Just as white can be used to create a focal feature, it can also offer a blank canvas against which you can display statement works of art, furniture or furnishings. White makes colour pop!


Inspirational White Schemes


Reception Room

CEILING: Cotton Street No.3, WALLS: St Clement No.11, WOOD WORK: Islington No.23, ACCENT: Greenwich Time No.8



CEILING: Greenwich Time No.08, WALLS: Mews Blue No. 98, WOOD WORK: Elgin No.20, ACCENT: The Boltons No.28


Bedroom & Dressing Room

CEILING: Cotton Street No.3, WALLS: Walpole No.42, WOOD WORK: Smithfield No.19, ACCENT: Osterley No.25



CEILING: Maugham White No.2, WALLS: Honest John No.58, WOOD WORK: Whitehall No.9, ACCENT: Limehouse No.31



CEILING: Holland Park No.5, WALLS: Cadogan Stone No.59, WOOD WORK: Pure White No.1, ACCENT: Ludgate Circus No.89


Dining Room

CEILING: Pure WHite No.1, WALLS: St Martins No.37, WOODWORK: Charterhouse No.4, ACCENT: Belgravia No.6