Cast Iron Bath Company with Mylands paints

Image: Polperro Double Ended Slipper Cast Iron Bath by The Cast Iron Bath Company. Floor & Wall: Bond Street No.219, Panelling: Maritime No.236. Bath: Rose Theatre No.249.

Pick a highlight colour.
If your bathroom has a neutral colour theme then a bright highlight colour can add a bit of zing to the space. Alternatively, if the bathroom has a strong colour theme, a neutral highlight colour will work best.

Add something soft to the room.
Compared to the rest of your home, bathrooms can be very structured and ‘hard’ looking. By adding some soft furnishings you can make it feel more inviting and cosy. A lovely wingback chair in the corner, or even a painting on the wall can soften what might sometimes be a very ‘clinical’ room.

You can never have enough flowers. 
Flowers never fail to freshen up the look of a bathroom. However, you don’t need a grand display. Just a few simple jam jars with single roses can brighten up a room. I added a rose to these vintage bottles (see below) that I found in a junk shop. The effect was instant and pleasing to the eye.

Cast Iron Bath Company with Mylands paints

Left to Right: Grand La Rochelle, by The Cast Iron Bath Company, Panelling: Long Acre No.102, Bath & Wall: Vintage 1884Petite Millbrook by The Cast Iron Bath Company, Panelling: Sinner No.238, Bath: Floris No.27.

Use storage as a display. 
Unusual vessels for storing flannels, soaps or sponges can make interesting focal points. Be adventurous. Sometimes the least obvious things can make the most eye-catching storage.
Finally, keep it simple! 
My advice to you is to not overdo it. A lovely stool next to the bath, a patterned cushion on a chair, a simple flower display, a dish of lovely soaps, a pile of fluffy towels… all you need is a few key items to give the space some personality.