Mylands Floor Paint

1st image: Wall Cadogan Stone No.59 Floor: Wharf Sacking No,127. 2nd image:  Walls: Empire Grey No.171 Floor: Pure White No.1. 3rd image: Wall: Long Acre No.102 Floor: Sinner No.238.

Fabulous floors are easy to achieve with Mylands Floor Paint, available in over 100 colours from light to bright – our easy to use, self-priming Floor Paint is the stylish and practical solution for your wooden floors. 

Statement or subtle, Mylands self-priming Floor Paint adds colour and interest underfoot, creating a flawless finished look without the aid of carpet or rugs. Perfectly practical and easy to maintain, Mylands Floor Paint transforms old, tired or bare interior wooden floors with ease. Its elegant, mid-sheen eggshell finish gives a beautiful classic look which is tough enough to withstand scrubbing, soap, detergent, grease and oil.

 Mylands Floor Paint - Walk on colour

1st image: Walls: Empire Grey No.171 Floor: Pure White No.1. 2nd image: Walls and Floor: FTT-018. 3rd image: Walls: FTT-013 Floor: Cotton Street No.3

Choose white and pale colours for a light and airy feel, darker colours to ground a scheme or a bright shade for a bold, playful vibe. Add pattern too; make a statement with a painted runner on stairs or add interest with a painted border, chevron, diamond, square or striped pattern - or add a delightful decorative touch such as a charming painted rug.


Mylands Floor Paint

1st image: Wall: Long Acre No.102 Floor: Sinner No.238. 2nd image: Walls and Floor: FTT-006. 3rd image; Walls: Haymarket No.47, Skirting: Downing Street No.10 Floor: Cotton Street No.3.


Mylands Floor Paint - Walk on colour1st image: Wall and Floor: Bond Street No.219 Panel: Maritime No.236. 2nd image: Wall: Pale Lilac No.246, Floor painted in Maugham White No.2.