Flawless Colour

Mylands Floor Paint is available in all 120 exquisite Colours of London shades, each perfect for introducing colour and interest underfoot.
Expertly created for use indoors on wooden floors using decades of paint and colour expertise, Mylands Floor Paint combines exquisite looks with outstanding performance for a hardwearing, practical and low-maintenance flooring solution.


Ideas and Inspiration


Use a single colour on the floor to transform a room. White and pale colours help create a more airy, spacious feel by reflecting light and bouncing it around the room. Try Mylands Whitehall No.9, Stonelime No.14 or Sloane Square No.92.
Alternatively, use a dark shade to help ground a scheme and add depth, especially effective when contrasted with light or neutral walls. Try Mayfair Dark No.218 or London Brown No.287.


Brighten your floor with a bold colour for real drama and interest. Try Eaton Square No.232 or FTT006 - not for the faint hearted!
Floor Paint can be used in all manner of ways to add pattern as well as colour to a room. Consider painting a decorative effect on your floor, from elaborate stencilling, simple geometric shapes or border patterns to a charming painted rug. Painted chevron, diamond, square, striped or mosaic patterns look striking, whether small or large scale and in complementary or contrasting colours.
A painted border around the room or as a frame to furniture such as a dining or coffee table is especially effective, or around architectural features such as a fireplace hearth – use one or several colours in stripes of varying widths for a more decorated effect.

Get Creative

Paint a rug – patterned or plain – directly onto your floor to create a unique focal point or a centre stage for furniture and furnishings. Circular, oblong and runner designs in a riot of colour create an eclectic feel while muted colours achieve a more understated look which will still make you smile.

Make an Entrance

Stairs, hallways and landings can be transformed too – enliven your stairs with a painted runner or coloured stair risers. Add a pattern, progressive picture or series of meaningful quotes to each riser for the ultimate personalisation. Play with colour and be bold!