Greys & Neutrals


We are excited to announce the sequel to our Colours of London collection with the launch of a Greys & Neutrals paint palette, an exquisite collection of 24 subtle architectural shades in classic greys and neutrals.


Islington Greys

 Frieze No.84, Sleet No.91, Grey Ochre No.152, Chambers Gate No.85, Saint Johns No.64, Sloane Square No.92


The new paints offer a considered palette of classic greys, soft pinks and putty shades, all thoughtfully and carefully created to capture an enduring and sophisticated aesthetic. Bringing warmth and comfort, familiarity and calm, the new hues combine to create simple harmonies in the home and provide a versatile backdrop to any interior.

Mylands’ rich heritage in historical pigment matching, with expertise over five generations, influences this collection of understated architectural hues. Respected as leaders in the industry for their colour development, Mylands wanted to create a collection of neutrals where subtle differences in colour offer a timeless base to both contemporary and classic interiors.

Mylands use only superior quality ingredients and natural earth pigments which bring an unrivalled depth of colour and luminosity to its paints. All the colours are available in Mylands signature Marble Matt, rich in colour and in a beautiful matt finish, the paint is made using super-fine ground marble powder for a natural but extremely hard-wearing finish. Along with the option for their Wood & Metal, Floor paint and Masonry finishes.


Dominic Myland, CEO, Mylands:

“We are delighted to launch our new Greys & Neutrals paint collection. Continuing our passion for developing and creating the most advanced paints, we wanted to bring our expertise in pigment matching to a palette of understated paints that we know from our rich history are proven, timeless colours in decorating schemes.”