Pumpkin Hues Circle Line No45

Circle Line No.45

Vibrant pumpkin yellow and orange colours such as Golden Square No.131Lolly Pop No.275Haymarket No.47 and Circle Line No.45 bring a gorgeous glow to interiors. Whether used in a full scheme or as an accent, these colours really pack a punch. Layer tonally or with each other for a striking statement scheme or use more sparingly for a bright pop of colour amongst a neutral palette. Grey is the perfect foil; teamed with ochre it creates a stylish, modern scheme that’s one of this year’s hottest looks.

Pair Golden Square No.131 with:


Pair Lolly Pop No.275 with:


Pair Haymarket No.47 with:


Pair Circle Line No.45 with:


Pumpkin Hues Mylands

From left to Right: Walls: Lolly Pop No.275 and Pure White No.1. Second image: Walls: Haymarket No.47, Skirting: Blackout No. 41, Floor: Charterhouse No.4.