Spring colour schemes


Add a touch of spring to your home with Mylands paints. Bright pops of colour, soft muted shades and pastel tones all feature in Mylands spring colour palettes.

Choose from lush greens, zesty yellows, soothing neutrals and bright whites.

Available in 120 sumptuous colours, Mylands paints are suitable for interior and exterior use, eco-friendly, hardwearing and easy to use.  With superior formulations and highly pigmented colours our paints deliver beautiful long-lasting results.  


CEILIING: Greenwich Time No.8, WALLS: Mews Blue, WOOD WORK: Chambers gate No.85, ACCENT: Kensington Rose No.22


CEILING: Acanthus Leaf No.12, WALLS: Hurlingham No.181, WOOD WORK: Chester Square No.199, ACCENT: New Lime No,149


CEILING: St Clement, No.11, WALLS: Chiswick No.100, WOOD WORK: Long Acre No.102, ACCENT: Lambeth Walk No.210


CEILING: Maugham White No.2, WALLS: Fitzrovia No.26, WOOD WORK: Holland Park No.5, ACCENT: Crace No.16


CEILING:  Cotton Street No.3, WALLS:  Islington No.23, WOOD WORK: Bridge Blue No.222, ACCENT: Copper Green No.36


CEILING: Pure White No.1, WALLS: Lemon Salts No.43, WOOD WORK: Syon park No.13, ACCENT: Floral Street No.147


Interior Design by Love Interiors. Photograph by Rachel Smith.